Florida Citizens Organizing to Repeal Advanced Nuclear Cost Recovery
  • Seniors at Risk

    As seniors in Florida are already aware, living on a fixed income is not easy. Unfortunately the big power companies here aren’t making it any easier. They want you to pay NOW for something you may never have the chance to use – costly new nuclear power plants that are not going to come online until 2022 or later — if at all!

    In 2013, Florida AARP prioritized fighting to end the “nuclear tax” and even polled their membership in their annual legislative survey to find out what seniors think about this unfair, anti-consumer legislation. They found that regardless of political party affiliation, their members were strongly opposed the nuclear tax at a margin of 8 to 1.


    • In 2010, your electricity bill started going up.
    • By 2020 Progress Energy (which has merged with Duke Energy) could add nearly $50 a month to your bill to pay for two new risky nuclear reactors in Levy County before they ever produce any electricity
    • Florida Power & Light (FPL)  wants customers to pay now for two new reactors at their Turkey Point plant near Miami.
    • Neither utility has even committed to building these proposed reactors. If they abandon them, they can still recover the costs and you DON’T get a refund.

    Contact the Governor and your state legislators today!

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