Florida Citizens Organizing to Repeal Advanced Nuclear Cost Recovery
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    On this page, you will find links to information to expand your knowledge about nuclear energy.

    Big Risks, Better Alternatives: An examination of two nuclear energy projects in the US

    New 2011 report by Synapse Energy examining the economics of nuclear via case studies of the Levy project in Florida and Vogtle in Georgia. Special attention is paid to the role of efficiency in negating the need for nuclear power.

    Business risks and costs of new nuclear power

    Business Risks and Costs of New Nuclear Power is an in-depth cost analysis from 2009 of new nuclear reactors by Craig A. Severance.

    Nuclear Power Joint Fact-Finding : June 2007

    The Keystone Center’s June 2007 Nuclear Power Joint Fact-Finding Report examines a number of key issues including cost, waste, security, and safety regarding the feasibility of using nuclear power as a possible global warming mitigation technology and was written by nuclear industry representatives, environmental and consumer advocates, academics and state officials.

    Why a future for the nuclear industry is risky

    Why a Future for the Nuclear Industry is Risky, is a short brochure from 2007 that summarizes presentations by Peter Bradford, former Commissioner of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and David Schlissel with Synapse Energy Economics, Inc. highlighting several risks associated with expanding the nuclear power industry.

    Nuclear Heat

    Nuclear Heat is a 2006 primer by the Union of Concerned Scientists that shows the vulnerability nuclear power plants can have during drought conditions.

    Energy Demands on Water Resources

    In 2006 the United States Department of Energy (DOE) issued Energy Demands on Water Resources, Report to Congress on the Interdependency of Energy and Water that describes in detail the relationship between energy and water and mentions that nuclear reactors are incredibly water intensive.

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