Florida Citizens Organizing to Repeal Advanced Nuclear Cost Recovery
  • The Progress Energy and Florida Power and Light Nuclear Scam

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    GET ANGRY! Did you know Progress Energy and Florida Power and Light are trying to raise your rates well before their proposed new reactors are built (if they’re ever even built)? By 2020, if you’re a Progress/Duke customer, you could be paying nearly $50 a month for those new nuclear reactors even though they’re not set to come online until 2024 – if ever? To add insult to injury, if the reactors never come online, you won’t see a refund? That’s a SCAM!

    This artful act of passing costs onto customers to pay for their capital and construction costs in advance of a power plant actually producing any electricity is typically called “Construction Work in Progress” or CWIP, and is sometimes called “early cost recovery” or “nuclear cost recovery.” Sounds more like “Corporate Welfare In Progress” doesn’t it? To get involved in local efforts against this rotten deal, email us at stopnucleartax@gmail.com.

    Getting their hands on your money early on helps the utilities get financing from the banks and helps protect their shareholders even further from the risks of building new nuclear reactors. One of the many problems with this scenario is that YOU are then essentially responsible for all of the costs associated with building that power plant — even if it never gets built and even if there are delays or problems with construction. It’s like cosigning a loan for a car that may never be manufactured or driven, all with no guarantees.

    Construction cost estimates for nuclear reactors in Florida have tripled in the last several years and are expected to increase – placing enormous risk on the backs of ratepayers (yes, that means you).


    Right now, Progress/Duke and FPL aren’t giving you the CHOICE that you deserve to make sure your consumer dollars go toward safe, affordable, and truly clean energy choices like solar and wind power! They, along with nuclear power proponents, are trying to pull the wool over our eyes — making us pay for dangerous nuclear plants up front that may never produce any electricity — what a SCAM!

    Meanwhile, utility lobbyists continue to lobby hard to get state lawmakers to think that nuclear power is clean and affordable — neither of which are true (see costly power and risky power links) – they are SCAMMING us and playing our decision makers! Building new nuclear reactors is an extremely expensive venture and too much emphasis on nuclear power could hurt ratepayers by diverting investments away from available lower-cost resources – like energy efficiency and conservation!


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